Keine Punkte im Saarland für die Hedgehogs

After a little break, our 1st team traveled to Saarlouis to take on the Hornets for a double header. The match-recap from Patrick Sullivan:

Foto: Marc Lange Videografie

Spiel 1

Heidelberg Hedgehogs000220010591
Saarlouis Hornets001500006121

For the first game, coach and starting pitcher Luis Gonzalez took the mound. For the first three innings both teams battled it out until the Hornets were able to strike first with. Gonzalez was able to get the Hedgehogs out of a bases loaded jam to save from more runs. The Hedgehogs began the 4th with a base hit from Michael Jung, followed by solid contact from Markus Golombek giving the Hedgehogs runners in scoring position. Marco Schwarz and Jonas Ortmann brought in the first two runs giving the Hedgehogs the lead.  By the 5th, the Hedgehogs were however down 2-6. The 5th began with two walks, and a stolen base, hit-by-pitch putting the Hedgehogs in scoring position, with Ortmann bringing in two more runs with 2 outs. The Hedgehogs were down 5-6 going into the 9th but unfortunately could not pull out the win in the end.

Foto: Marc Lange

Die Besten der Hedgehogs:

Jonas Ortman: 2 von 5, double, 3 RBI

Michael Jung: 2 von 5, 1 run scored

Markus Golombek: 2 von 5, 1 run scored

Spiel 2

Heidelberg Hedgehogs1000160852
Saarlouis Hornets2008101190
Foto: Marc Lange

Game 2 of the double header got off to a quick start for the Hedgehogs with 1 out and bases loaded with Marco Schwarz bringing in the first run. Starting on the mound for the Hedgehogs was Burak Celik. Striking back quickly, the Hornets lead 1-4 going into the bottom of the 4th. The Hedgehogs brought in Markus Golombek and shortly thereafter Jonas Ortmann while the Hornets lead 10-1 with 1 out in the bottom of the 4th.  A sac fly in the 5th from Michael Jung, the Hedgehogs were still down 2-10.  A bases loaded, 1 out situation, the Hedgehogs turned a double play saving an early end to the game. With a couple of walks and hits in the 6th, the Hedgehogs closed the lead to 8-11. In the end, it was a hard fought double header but the Hedgehogs came up short.

Foto: Marc Lange

Die Besten der Hedgehogs:

Michael Jung: 1 von 1, SF, 3 RBI, 2 runs scored

Justin Wegener: 1 von 2, RBI, 1 run scored

Jonathan Ellenbogen: 1 von 3, RBI, 1 run scored

Next week we take it on the road again to the Hünstetten Storm.